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The Sixth Sense Reader

The Sixth Sense Reader

SKU: 10817797 By Howes, David ISBN: 978-1-84788-261-5 Condition: New
The assumption that we have five senses, each with its own domain, has a long history. But throughout the ages and across cultures there have been those who questioned the adequacy of the model of "the five senses" and posited the existence of additional faculties of perception. The Sixth Sense Reader covers a startling array of cases, ranging from kinesthesia and intuition to shamanic flight and extrasensory perception. With contributions from Anthropology, History, Religion and Biology, among other fields, this volume showcases many fascinating and provocative insights into the varieties of extra/sensory perception and experience. It concludes with an ABCDERIUM of so-called psychic and other powers, which provides a concise reference glossary and opens further avenues for investigation. The Sixth Sense Reader will prove vital to all those interested in probing the far borderlands of consciousness.
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