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Photographic Atlas For The Biology Laboratory -vandegraaff

Photographic Atlas For The Biology Laboratory -vandegraaff

SKU: 11483250-c By Adams- (van De Graaff) ISBN: 978-1-61731-765-1 Edition: 8
This full-color atlas provides students with a balanced visual representation of the diversity of biological organisms. It is designed to accompany any biology textbook or laboratory manual.
More than 1,000 full-color, high-quality photographs and photomicrographs depict specimens as they would be seen in the laboratory.
Updated photographs, illustrations, cladograms, and taxonomy throughout.
Addition of foraminiferans, radiolarians, and chytrids, as well as the female urogenital system in the fetal pig dissections.
Numerous dissections of plants as well as invertebrate and vertebrate organisms are presented for students who have the opportunity to conduct similar dissections. Sheep heart, eye, and brain dissections are among these.
Clear, accurate, completely labeled figures include life-cycle illustrations.
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