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Coursepack adoption

With custom coursepacks it is also easy to update your package with the latest information and articles long before new editions of textbooks are printed.

All you need to do to create your own coursepack is to provide us with the original material and a table of contents and we will secure the necessary copyright permission. You can now provide your students with a coursepack customized specifically for your course with the same ease as you prepare your own course materials for instruction.

Coursepack can include almost anything you want for your course. Some examples include:

  • your own notes or works in progress
  • individual chapters of books
  • out of print texts
  • course outlines
  • magazines and newspaper articles
  • graphs, charts and illustrations
  • lab instructions
  • lecture outlines


For students
  • Content that is useful and relevant to the course
  • Affordable course material that saves students money
  • More cost effective than purchasing multiple textbooks for one course
  • Conveniently sold through the Concordia University Bookstore, in stores or online
  • All coursepacks are paginated making readings easy to find

For faculty
  • Convenient way to keep course material up-to-date and tailored to the course
  • Content that is flexible and can easily combine excerpts from various sources, including personal notes, textbooks and other published or unpublished materials
  • Easy editing and updating for future terms
  • Quality product: we scan, clean, proof-read every coursepack
  • Easy reprint or revision: coursepacks are digitally archived
  • Guaranteed 100% Copyright Compliant
  • Free Desk Copy for Instructor


The Concordia Bookstore respects and shares your concerns with respect to copyright. All coursepacks are printed, digitized and distributed legally.

We obtain copyright permission for all material in accordance with the university’s agreement with Copibec, a not-for-profit collective that manages the reproduction rights and the protection of intellectual property and distribution of appropriate royalties on behalf of copyright owners.


The Bookstore is responsible for the production of coursepacks used by faculty in the teaching process. This year, we solicited and received more than 10,000 copyright permissions on behalf of faculty members and prepared and printed over 800 customized coursepack titles.


Offering ePacks makes your course material more accessible and cost-efficient to your students. Students can purchase their ePack at the Bookstore or online and save up to 50% off the price of a paper coursepack.

Students can download digital coursepacks on any compatible device. They can highlight, bookmark and add notes as they would a printed coursepack.

Submission guidelines

To be sure that your course pack is ready for the first day of class be sure to meet the target submission date mentioned above.

Production timeline

Remastering1: 1 week
Production schedules before target date: 1 - 2 weeks
after target date: 1 - 3 weeks
reordering after initial production: 48 - 72 hours

1 - Remastering: Copied material is only as good as the original. Frequently, master copies are inadequate for reproduction. The original may require pages of retyping or marks removed from illustrations. The time required for these processes varies. As noted in the table above, these times lengthen through December.