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Working for Concordia Stores

What kind of jobs are available at Concordia Stores?

Typically we're hiring for what we call "casual part-time" positions, such as cashiers, customer service clerks, and shipping/receiving clerks for Concordia Stores.

Please note that we are currently no longer hiring for the Winter 2018 session. Thank you to all that applied.

  • Warehouse - these positions requires heavy lifting and is in a fast-paced environment. This position requires attention to detail, fluency in reading English and the ability to work without distraction. During busy times some work is required on the sales floor shelving books. The ability to work with computers in a Windows-based environment is required.
  • Customer Service - Help customers find what they are looking for, answer questions concerning all products offered in the stores, maintain displays and restock merchandise . Excellent communication skills are required.
  • Cashiers - these positions are in a fast-paced environment (especially during the back-to-school rush), and requires attention to detail, good communication skills, and a working knowledge of computers. Must have basic accounting skills.
  • How long do you hire for?

    These are typically short-term employment opportunities. Many of these jobs are just for the busy periods at the start of a new semester (about one month - depending on the position). There are a lot of positions available for back-to-school, and the months leading up to it (ie. in the summer).

    Do I have to be a student at Concordia University to work for Concordia Stores?

    We focus on hiring Concordia students. Additionally, we welcome applications from local CEGEP students.

    When is the best time to apply for a job?

    The best time to apply for a job at the Bookstore is at least a month before the start of a new term in order to allow time for training new staff before the back-to-school rushes begin. So, the best times to apply are in June-July (Summer hiring for the September rush), and in November-December (for the January back-to-school rush).

    People for the stock room jobs are typically needed starting in early Summer when the textbooks for the Fall term start arriving. Cashier & Customer Service positions are usually hired about a month before the start of classes.

    How do I apply?

    Are you a Concordia University student?
    Are you eligible for Work Study?
    See if you're eligible and apply here.

    Please email support@concordiastores.ca. Include your CV and your available hours (Note: we do not operate on the weekend). If you're an international student at Concordia, in order to show that you can work in Canada legally, also please provide:
    • A photocopy of your Study Permit

    Note that we usually get far more applications than there are jobs available - only people who are being asked in for a meeting will be contacted.

    To apply for other permanent and contract staff employment at Concordia University, please see the Human Resources web site. The HR department does not handle student jobs, the various university departments do that directly.

    For a list of other departments which regularly hire students, visit the Jobs for Students section of the Concordia University main website.