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Don’t Skip the Concordia Bookstore

It’s smart not to discount the on-campus Book Stop bookstore entirely. Here’s why checking the Concordia bookstore is worth the time.

1. The Concordia Book Stop bookstore will carry the right edition for your class. Many students accidentally order the wrong edition of the textbook when buying online or through other sources. This can be inconvenient throughout the term. The professor will reference specific pages for reading and assignments, and the page numbers often change between editions. Plus, the content may vary slightly. The bookstore orders the material directly requested by the professor preventing these types of error.

2. It’s easier to handle returns. If you need to change your schedule or drop a class, you’ll have to return your book. If you bought it at the Concordia bookstore, you can easily walk in and exchange the book for the one you need or get your money back. See our return policies. Getting to the post office, FedEx or UPS to return a book you purchased online can be a big hassle.

3. Your money stays on campus. The profits stay on campus and are given back to the university financing research and services.

4. The Concordia Book Stop Bookstore offers different textbook options “New”, “Used”, “Rental” and “eBook” tailored to the student need.

5. After each term, students have the option of selling their books back.

If you do decide to buy your textbooks through other sources, please make sure to check these 3 things:

1. Verify the book’s ISBN number. This will ensure you order the right edition.

2. Carefully read the return policy. How much does it cost to ship back with post office, UPS or other shipping method? Factor in the cost or returns.

3. Keep your books in good condition so that you can sell them back at the end of the term and get the highest payback possible.


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