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How does the Concordia buyback program work?

Look up the current buyback price by:

  • Visiting and entering your textbook's ISBN in the textbook price check tool (Example: 978-0-32168650-3)
  • Inquiring at the information counter at one of our stores
  • Signing up to be notified by email when we will be buying back your books

Bring your textbooks to the Concordia Bookstore and remember to bring your student ID

  • We will verify the buyback prices for your textbooks and give you your money on the spot!

Receive more by selling textbooks at the right time

The time that you choose to sell your used books is important.

The best time to sell your used books is near the beginning of a term and the first 2 weeks after the beginning of classes (especially in August/September, December/January, and April), those times of the year are when the best bid prices are typically available.

How is the Buyback Price determined?

1. HOME PRICE: If the book is going to be used again in an upcoming Concordia course, and if we haven't already purchased the number of copies required for the upcoming term, we will give you up to 50% of the current new price in cash.

2. AWAY PRICE: If the book is being bought by another campus Bookstore in Canada you will receive 30% of the current new book price (much of the difference from our price is for shipping/handling to send books across the country).

3. WHOLESALE PRICE: If no demand for the book exists at any campus Bookstores, we will be unable to buy back the book. The last buyers are book wholesalers operating out of the US. Unlike the academic stores, they do not offer a fixed percentage of the new price, but set their bids according to the demand they 'guestimate' for each title. Sometimes when a book is not being widely used, that can sometimes result in very low bid prices for a used book.

What can I do if I find the price offered too low?

If the book has not yet been adopted on any campus you can register online  to the buyback alert and list the textbooks you want to sell. We can automatically notify you by email when a school wants to buy your books. You can also use our free service to list your books in our Used Book Classifieds to try to directly sell them to other students (the Bookstore does not get involved in these transactions, they are private sales).