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Print with your Concordia student ID card


Your student identification card confirms that you are a Concordia University student and gives you access to all kinds of services from riding the bus shuttles to giving you access to the library, and writing exams. It also allows you to print documents easily on campus. Students can use one of the 40 multifunction devices (MFD) in the libraries and public areas on the Sir George Williams and Loyola Campuses.

To start using the services you must

  1. Have a valid student ID card and or a valid student ID card number
  2. Add funds to your account.

Adding funds

You can add funds to your account using one of the loaders on campus or at any Concordia stores. You can also purchase a $5 DPrint top up online. Once this is done, you can start using the many printers located around campus and at the library.

Release your print jobs at any DPrint machine on campus!

Students, using a laptop on the Concordia Wi-Fi network or a computer in the libraries can send a print job in a printing cloud and release it on any DPrint printers on campus.