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Rental due date

If a rented book is not returned by the due date, the value of the full retail price of the new book will be charged to you through the Student Accounts Office. (ie. $100 retail price rented at $40/term - If not returned in time, $100 will be charged to your account)

The due date is a hard deadline - the account will be passed on to collections immediately after the return deadline. All rentals are 'final' (no refund) unless if the course has been cancelled or dropped before the DNE date. Proof of cancellation is required at time of refund. Rentals do not include online supplements such as access codes to publisher websites. If needed, access codes can be purchased separately.

To see if any of your textbooks are available for rent, run your Student Booklist, if any of your books are rentable - and there is rentable stock available - the rental price will appear on your list. We only set aside a few copies of each book for renting - so quantities are limited.

Rentals are supposed to be for multiple students over time. As a courtesy to the next student who rents it, please limit highlighting and writing in the books. Keep them in good condition for the next student!